Interesante proyecto del Estudio Ferrer Arquitectos

'los almendros' by ferrer arquitectos, almeria, spain 
all images courtesy of ferrer arquitectos

with offices in spain and the UK, ferrer arquitectos have completed the 'los almendros', a social center in almeria, spain. 
the covered public square rests on elevated terrain, offering a design with an emphasis on the city view while connecting the
encompassing context of blocks. a cafe and terrace projects over the site, resting upon a roof that emerges from the ground.
the exterior expresses the volumes which contain the different and complementing functions. a singular canopy unifies
the diverse forms.

image © david frutos

image © david frutos

image © david frutos

image © david frutos

image © david frutos

site plan

floor plan / level 0

floor plan / level -1



project info:

project: 'los almendros' social center
location: sierra de tabernas street, almería
developer: almería city councyl
architect: josé ángel ferrer
architectural technologist: manuel alonso
internal collaborators: antonio garcía, antonio palenzuela, fernando mateos, miguel garcía haro
external collaborators: sondeal and secoal ingenieros
contractor: ute copsa-salcoa
photography: david frutos
total cost: 2.702.191,00 EUR
built area: 2.918,84 m2

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