Comisión Europea: Adaptation strategies for european cities.

The survey Preparing for Climate Change in Cities supports the project in its objectives to expand the knowledge base.  Based on a selection of multiple-choice questions it will help obtain an overview of where cities in the EU stand with regard to adapting to climate change. Cities are asked to provide information on past and expected exposure to weather and climate related hazards and extreme events, on their status on adaptation to climate change and existing or required support as well as on details on risk assessments and adaptation strategies that might be in place. The results of the survey will feed into the state of play report on adaptation in European cities.

The survey also provides an opportunity for cities to further shape the project and express their interest in actively participating in the capacity programme of the project. Based on the information provided interested cities will be selected according to four criteria - characteristics of the city, risks and vulnerability, adaptive capacity and cooperation – interested cities will be selected for the capacity building programme.

 The survey is available online at and will be open until 29 May 2012. The official project launch letter from DG Climate Action inviting your input to the Survey can be found here.

 Should you have further questions, please contact 

 All cities that have completed the survey will be kept informed about the progress of the project.


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